by | Nov 15, 2017

In my last blog post, I talked about different ways that small-to-medium-sized businesses could improve their operations, largely through the digitization and centralization of inventory, payroll and HR records. What I didn’t touch on though, was how new cloud accounting software systems can actually benefit individual employees in those businesses.

Have I got your attention?

Hearing about the benefits of cloud accounting for the business bottom line is all well and good, but what if the bottom line only has a tenuous connection to your position? If you’re a supervisor or middle manager, you may think adopting a new accounting software solution only means more training and transition work for you. There might be a learning curve, yes. But there are a lot of ways that cloud accounting can make your life easier — and make you look better to the boss at the same time.


Everything is Connected


Not in that Dirk-Gently-holistic-detective kind of way. More in the “make your organization run like a well-oiled machine” kind of way. As much as it might seem sometimes like it’s not, every part of the company you work at is connected. And if you’re neither at the top or the bottom, you’re… right in the middle of all it.

The more you can put data from different sources together, the more clearly you’ll be able to see what’s working optimally, and what’s not. And with a better view of the big picture, you’ll be able to make better decisions for your team. And when your team is more efficient, you’re succeeding at your job.


Your Clients Aren’t Who They Used to Be


There was a time when honesty and a good work ethic were enough to keep most customers happy. But that time has passed. Your company’s clients — and partners — expect more. A lot more.

Of course you can’t remember the details of every single client or partner you work with. You’re dealing with a lot of people, with even more specific needs and preferences. They all expect you to responsive and ready to address their concerns, but you’d need a full-time assistant following you around to keep all those different conversations straight.

But what if your accounting software included such an assistant? OK, it doesn’t. But a centralized CRM system that gives you an overview of your client’s order history, or every transaction with that demanding partner is just as good.


Your Job Isn’t What It Used to Be Either


Your clients are the only ones who expect you to do more and more with less and less. The guys upstairs are counting on you to make things happen, and to keep them in the loop about how your department is doing. But how do you balance both running your department and reporting on it? (And when do you get a break?)

With cloud accounting software solutions, you no longer need to be chained to your desk. Automate reports to help yourself identify where your team can improve and other reports to show your managers all the things you’re doing right. Out on the road? Working from home? Remotely access all your data to keep an eye on things while you’re away or grab those numbers you need for a meeting.


Want to Learn More?


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